My name is Kifah Dasuki. I was born in 1987 in Israel and grew up in a village called Fureidis near Zikhron Ya'akov. I graduated from Tel Aviv University with a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy. My internship specialization was in geriatrics. Later I worked as a physiotherapist in a retirement home.

Nowadays I live in Prague. I moved here at the beginning of 2016 in order to start a new life, far away from the chaos I had felt back in Israel. My reason to move to Prague was to pursue further academical studies.

I am an avowed feminist and I do not follow mainstream society.  As a matter of fact, during the time I was part of the mainstream, I felt very uncomfortable and almost miserable.
I did not choose this on purpose but I cannot force myself to fit the constraints of society.
I walk my own path and I am very content doing so, although sometimes I have to pay a heavy price for that.

In August 2015 I started to live a vegan lifestyle. I have always loved to cook
and I have developed advanced cooking skills. The transition to veganism added a new and challenging interest to my cooking, especially when I started to adapt meals from my favourite Arabic cuisine into vegan ones.

These days I am working on a cookbook called “Peace in the kitchen” in

Recipes for peace