About me


My name is Kifah Dasuki. I was born in 1987 in Israel and grew up in a village called Fureidis near Zikhron Ya'akov. I graduated from Tel Aviv University with a bachelor's degree in Occupational therapy. My internship specialization was in geriatrics. Later I worked as a Occupational therapist in a retirement home.

Nowadays I live in Prague. I moved here at the beginning of 2016 in order to start a new life, far away from the chaos I had felt back in Israel. My reason to move to Prague was to pursue further academical studies.

I am an avowed feminist and I do not follow mainstream society.  As a matter of fact, during the time I was part of the mainstream, I felt very uncomfortable and almost miserable.
I did not choose this on purpose but I cannot force myself to fit the constraints of society.
I walk my own path and I am very content doing so, although sometimes I have to pay a heavy price for that.

In August 2015 I started to live a vegan lifestyle. I have always loved to cook
and I have developed advanced cooking skills. The transition to veganism added a new and challenging interest to my cooking, especially when I started to adapt meals from my favourite Arabic cuisine into vegan ones.

These days I am working on a cookbook called “Peace in the kitchen”.
In this book I have collected a large and impressive selection of vegan recipes from the Arabic cuisine.

The uniqueness of my book is the combination of the two languages, Hebrew and Arabic. In this book, I wish to fulfil my dream of peace between humans and also peace with the all living creatures.

I was able to raise funding for my book via “Headstart” and to my great joy, the project was successfully launched.

Once the book is published, anyone who has not had a chance yet can buy it here.

I have an amazing dog called “Mala bila”, this means“Little white” in Czech.
Czech is the fourth language I have learned. I am still at basic level, but I am a fast learner and I believe that soon I will speak fluent Czech. I will then be able to add it to Arabic, Hebrew and English.

I like writing. Writing is the very essence of my being. It is the joy of my life.
I like to play with words. To create, to design, to make the words come alive.
I breathe and exhale the words through my lungs. The words are my oxygen. Sometimes, when I have a block to write, I feel burdened.

It might sound surprising but I started to write in fluent Hebrew only a year and a half ago.
Apart from Facebook posts, I also write poetry. Actually, poetry is my biggest love and this is how I can express myself truly from my heart.

Part of my poetry got published in the newspaper “Haaretz” and others.
Most of my posts are about life in Israel, I like to spice them up with irony and sarcasm, and sometimes even black humor.

I feel this is the most effective way to communicate my message.

As I've said, I was born in Fureidis, Israel, I am the oldest of four sisters and one brother. We grew up in a traditional religious Muslim way along with liberal education. I was not the easiest child to raise. I rebelled many times against the conventions. However, my parents have always been proud of me and my way of doing things, and this is how I gained strength to continue to sketch my way into the life.

My dream is to see the society in Israel united, overcoming its long-standing conflict. I want to see people getting out of their comfort zone in order to connect with one another and to bridge the gaps, so that we may reach the peace we all wish for between us. It won't happen without us communicating together and this is what I try to do.

My other dream is about female empowerment, to elevate our place as women in the society to a better and equal one. To take care of our rights, to prevent harm and to remove any obstacles that prevent us women from achieving self-actualization.

It hurts me a lot to see when society prevents a woman from fulfilling her potential. Much of the poetry I write deals with those issues.

It has been my pleasure to share my world with you.

What can you expect on this page?

From time to time I will post about subjects that are interesting to both you and I.
I will share new recipes, post new videos, and maybe in the future I will also conduct lessons in Arabic.

I am sure we are going to have lots of fun together and I will be happy if you go and read my updates and help me spread the word.

See you soon!

With love,