Vanilla Crescents

So, what should you have?

2 Cups of flour.

1 Cup of coconut oil.

1/2 Cup of brown sugar.

1 1/4 Cups of ground walnuts.

1 Tsp of vanilla extract.

1 Alpro soya vanilla dessert.

1 Cup of powdered sugar.

Ground up skin from one lemon.

Optional :

100 Grams of dark chocolate.

1/4 Cup of dairy free butter (vegan).

OMG, how i make it?

1) Mix all the Ingredients together (no without the optional please).

2) Mix until you will have pain in the muscles, for princes like me it’s after 10 Min.

3) To make your live easier, divide your dough into two halves. And then shape to tall snakes.

4) Cut each snake to smaller pieces and shape them to crescents (Aha because of this we call them vanilla Crescents very smart 😀 ).
5) Bake for 10-15 Min with 180 C ( No idea what is it in F google it !).

6) Meanwhile, melt your yummy chocolate with the vegan butter and try not to eat it before 😀

7) Let the cookies cool down for 30 Min at least, and then sprinkle them with powdered sugar ( easy with the sugar you will die young and alone).

8) for extra nice sexy vanilla crescents, dip few of them with our yummy chocolate as you see in the picture.

9) Go to your bed and watch my Facebook page VEGALUSH and eat the cookies ALONE !

don’t share them with others but you can share my video ! 🙂

Love you all, see you in my next video.

Kifah >3


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